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Tackle Stressful Situations in Business

21 min –

Shauna the Tax Goddess interviews Joie Seldon about Using Emotional Intelligence to Tackle Stressful Situations in Business. What is Emotional Intelligence and what are some signs we should pay attention to? Touching on the Emotions at Work course and how it can support you and your team.

Joie Seldon, Author & EQ Leadership Coach

Joie Seldon spent forty years building her work as a trainer, leadership coach and expert in Emotional Intelligence, teaching executives and business professionals how to benefit from one of the most valuable yet underutilized aspects of a successful career, their emotions. The author of EMOTIONS An Owner's Manual and an electrifying speaker, she's presented to worldwide audiences online and onstage.
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Emotions at Work

Strengthen your emotional intelligence to better navigate the complexity of emotions in ourselves and others. Enhance work relationships and minimize stress amidst the pressures of today’s fast-paced world.


Instructor-Led Course

8-Weeks Online
16hrs Est. Course time
Peer-group Networking

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