Where Do You Resonate Amidst All the Chaos?

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People are struggling today with a deep sense of disruption. We are facing a world of uncertainty, not only dealing with threats and realities of war and the backdrop of a climate crisis, but also witnessing increasing polarization and social inequities. COVID upended life and work for so many of us, and we’re still trying to regain our balance and figure out new ways of working. Many of our current structures and systems no longer work well – witness mass resignations in healthcare, education, and law enforcement – and we find ourselves in new terrain navigating through this unpredictable environment.

So, how can we find our place and make our greatest difference amidst all the chaos? My own wrestling with this question has been guided by a rich scientific background and 30+ years of physical training and leadership teaching. In my online course, Resonate, I share with you the insights and practices that have come from this experience and, in joining me, I hope you find them as life changing as I have.

The lens of resonance is the most useful way I’ve found to work with “big life” questions, such as: “‘What part of this picture is mine and how can I make my difference in it?” By centering yourself, relaxing, and feeling into the deep wisdom of your integrated body-mind, like an antenna picking up a signal, you’ll be able to sense what is yours to do and move forward with confidence.

Why does this work? Because life is a flow of energy and resonance is the way energy changes form by vibrating with another energy flow. You and I are the instruments that life’s energy is running through. We can become much more resonant instruments when we’re breathing correctly, when we’re grounded, centered and attuned to what is going on around us. So, as leaders, we can train ourselves to use energy more skillfully, pick up more of it, blend it with our gifts and purposeful intents and co-create outcomes.

These are the kind of practices that I love to teach in my course as they help people connect with themselves, with others, and with the purposes that stir them. Where can resonance build in your life? Where can resonance lead you in life? When you’re ready to explore the energizing possibilities, I’ll meet you there.

Ginny Whitelaw, Author & CEO, Institute for Zen Leadership

A biophysicist and former senior manager for integrating NASA’s International Space Station, Dr. Whitelaw has trained leaders on the path of making a difference for more than 25 years, working with mind, body, energy and resonance through the Institute for Zen Leadership. Learn more »


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Expect to be surprised by the joy, resilience and “effortless effort” of working with resonance in real-life applications from a challenge you’re facing, to strengthening a relationship, to leading change in a team or system.

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