How to Use Intuition when Managing Remote Teams

How to Use Intuition when Managing Remote Teams

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The global pandemic has completely changed the way we work. Many businesses have been forced to work remotely, and some now say that they are just as effective, are saving costs, and are therefore re-thinking the whole point of even having a central office in the first place. How we do everything is being re-examined.

Some of the chief concerns for managing remotely are:

  • How do I stay connected to my team?
  • How can I ensure that they are getting their work done without micromanaging them?
  • What are ways to develop team engagement and productivity remotely?

Learning to develop and trust your intuitive skills has never been more important for leaders. Building these skills strengthens the ability to sense what’s happening with your team from a distance, read body language on video, anticipate team or customer needs, and ask powerful questions to develop closer relationships, build trust, and deepen communication.

It’s actually possible to feel more connected to your team by putting your attention on some key areas. Namely:

1. Let your curiosity lead. Acknowledge that you don’t know their full story. What are your employees experiencing at home with potential child care, new stressors and uncertainty? Can you lead with a coaching mindset of asking, listening and supporting them to perform at their best by helping to remove obstacles in their way?

2. Trust your spidey-sense. If you get a hunch to reach out to a team member who may be in new or unfamiliar circumstances, follow through on your inclination. So often, when we don’t trust our inner signals that are broadcasting throughout the day, we miss out on key opportunities to be more connected in real time.

3. Focus on outcomes, manage expectations, and be flexible! Instead of micromanaging how and when work gets done, take a step back, clarify and communicate expectations up front. Then manage toward the overall outcome. This puts less pressure on you and your team as you can now manage the result you are after.

Very few people actually understand what intuition is and isn’t. With this in mind, I have developed a self-paced online course so that you can identify and activate your internal guidance. Intuitive messages provide crucial information to complement other decision-making signals found in data and even in emotions.

Please join me if you’re ready to super-power your decision-making and leadership of any kind of team, remote or otherwise. Often teams go through this course together, thus enhancing their collective decision-making skills, so please inquire about group discounts.

Rick Snyder, CEO, Invisible Edge

Rick is the author of Decisive Intuition, and the Founder and CEO of Invisible Edge, an international consulting firm that develops intuitive intelligence for leaders and teams for more effective decision-making, sales, leadership and innovation.


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