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A Better Way to Train Professionals

– 18min –

How To Do Training and Development Right In An Online, Zoom Work World.

Whether you’re a provider or consumer of online training it’s important to understand how the online learning experience vastly differs from that of the in-person classroom. Taking material developed for the in-person classroom and just pushing it online doesn’t work and bores your learners to tears. Want to learn what makes for successful and engaging online learning? Give a listen to an interview with Curt Dowdy, CEO of InnerProfessional on what works and what to look for in your next online learning experience.

Curt Dowdy, Interplicity Co-Founder and CEO

Curt Dowdy is Co-Founder and CEO of Interplicity, the parent company of the leadership & professional development catalog. As a former corporate executive and now entrepreneur, Curt and the InnerProfessional team are on a mission to deliver transformative adult education experiences, modeling improved practices toward engaging our lives and world.



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