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A Global Perspective On Equity – DEI Statements Vs. Commitments

– 16 min –

Olanike joins Vanessa Mathews on Business Resilience Decoded to talk about what equity looks like on a global scale. In this episode, Equity Strategist Olanike A. Mensah joins us to share her perspective on moving from Nigeria to Ohio as a young girl and navigating adolescence as both an American citizen and an immigrant. Olanike has worked with several organizations through her DEI consulting firm Mosaic Consulting, and she shares what she believes differentiates organizations who have made statements about DEI from organizations who have made commitments to become more diverse and equitable workplaces.

Olanike is a workplace equity strategist and executor rolled into one. She is experienced in applying a justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) lens to all aspects of workplace management. She has applied her organizational development and leadership skills in both the non-profit and business/ corporate sectors, spending 20 years leading local, national, and international organizations. Her experience living on two continents gives her a unique, global lens that enriches her perspective.

Olanike A. Mensah, CEO, Mosaic Consulting

Olanike is a strategist and executor rolled into one, experienced in applying the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) lens to all aspects of workplace management and at any stage of DEI development. Her 20+ years of experience spans corporate and non-profit organizations operating at local, national, and international levels. Learn more »




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October 24, 2022

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