Long Exhale


I invite you to let out a long, slow exhale. With that simple gesture, you’ve changed your resonance; that is, the way various energies vibrate in and with your body. While that may seem like an exotic thing to care about, your resonance is actually at the root of your sensitivity towards others, your impact in the world, and your own joy and resilience. It is how you make your difference.

How so? Here are a couple of ways it works. First, respiration rate is one of the fundamental frequencies in the human body. You’ve probably noticed that, for the most part, when you speed up, it speeds up. What you may not know is that the exhale is the relaxing part of the breath cycle and is able to slow down other vibrations within you, including heart rate and brainwaves.



From research at the HeartMath Institute, we know that as breath slows down to once every 10, 20 or 30 seconds, it hits a frequency that supports coherence with heart and brain rhythms, allowing your whole being to sync up like a jazz trio in flow. That has the effect of a stronger magnetic field around your body, which can better attract and affect others.

A second way resonance works is by changing your sensitivity. You may notice that as you slow down your breath, your senses become more acute, as if you opened yourself up to being a bigger antenna. Picking up more frequencies, you literally get more energy to work with and, like catching a wave or picking up the beat of a song, you can lead more gracefully when you can sense what’s going on.

As you experience the momentary spaciousness of slowing down even one breath, imagine what’s possible if a more resonant you became the new normal. Not only is that possible, but it’s available in Resonate, the online course. Working One With Breath is just one of the ways we help you cultivate your leadership so you can more readily connect with and influence others, sense what’s ready to happen, and resonate exactly the difference that is yours to make.

Ginny Whitelaw, Author & CEO, Institute for Zen Leadership

A biophysicist and former senior manager for integrating NASA’s International Space Station, Dr. Whitelaw has trained leaders on the path of making a difference for more than 25 years, working with mind, body, energy and resonance through the Institute for Zen Leadership. Learn more »

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Expect to be surprised by the joy, resilience and “effortless effort” of working with resonance in real-life applications from a challenge you’re facing, to strengthening a relationship, to leading change in a team or system.

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