Welcome to the InnerProfessional Blog! We opened our first online course about a year ago, and now we’re celebrating an entire catalog of transformative programs to enhance your professional and leadership skills.

Thank you for joining us on this mission to spread wisdom for the workplace. We all want to realize more purpose in our work. We want to feel like the time we put in brings value to our world. That’s what drives us at InnerProfessional.

On the road ahead, we aspire to not only curate the most inspiring online programs, but we also want to offer space for communities of practice and communication platforms for wisdom to be shared widely.

We hope you enjoy upcoming posts from esteemed authors, consultants and trainers. If something comes to mind that you’d like to see or hear from us, please reach out to let us know.

Curt Dowdy , Co-founder & CEO, Interplicity

With extensive experience in technology and media businesses, Curt also served as a software executive providing infrastructure services to social media and media sharing companies like Facebook, Twitter, TwitchTV, Vimeo and SoundCloud.


Coach Your Self Up

Practical self-coaching techniques to identify and break through self-limiting behaviors and thought patterns. Learn to be your own coach and take more ownership of your career development.

Starts February 1, 2021

Instructor-Led Course

6-Weeks Online
12.5hrs Est. Course time
Peer-group Networking

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