45-Min Live Q&A - How Leaders Motivate and Inspire in Challenging Times

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So much is happening in the world that is beyond our control. InnerSolutions is a free community conversation about what we can control: the inner skills that can help us navigate toward and contribute to better experiences.

When times are challenging, how can a leader (or aspiring leader) motivate and inspire a team? Please join an online conversation where author and executive consultant Rebecca Watson answers your questions and provides valuable insights toward leading in spite of adversity.

You are further invited to connect with fellow participants in this community to continue sharing your experiences and/or to reinforce each other’s leadership practices.

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca Watson

CEO Brompton Associates

Rebecca is the author of Conscious Leadership and Creating High Performing Teams. Founding Brompton Associates in 2008, her purpose is to support leaders to become more conscious and operate from their highest mindset. Through her coaching, leaders create sustainable and highly productive cultures.

Some of Rebecca’s clients include LinkedIn, Unilever, Siemens, Ernst & Young, HSBC Bank, UK Parliament, the RAF, and the Swedish Institute of Public Health.

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