45-Min Webcast - Fear and Confidence in Times of Uncertainty

Presented by InnerProfessional
So much happens in the world that is beyond our control. InnerSolutions is a free community conversation about what we can control: the inner skills that we may be able to find or to develop within ourselves.

What skills do you apply when you or those around you are feeling fear? Where can confidence be found in times of uncertainty? Please join an online conversation where educator and organizational consultant Susan Skjei, PhD answers your questions and offers helpful insights.

You are further invited to connect with fellow participants in this community to continue sharing your experiences and/or to find friendly support.

Susan Skjei

Susan Skjei

Director of Authentic Leadership Center at Naropa University

Formerly a vice president and chief learning officer in a fortune 1000 company, Susan aims to inspire, educate and empower current and next generation leaders to act as agents of positive organizational and social change.

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