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At InnerProfessional, we aim to make all our content available to the widest audience, which includes those who may be visually impaired or otherwise short on time and attention.

Please use the following to record yourself speaking your blog post aloud.

If you choose not to record your post in your own voice, that’s okay too! We will use our automated text-to-speech engine to generate an audio file for you.

Here’s an example of what that sounds like:

An example of an author read post:



Thank you for your interest in contributing to the our community blog.

If you are a new contributor or haven’t yet familiarized yourself, please carefully review our content submission guidelines before drafting and sending us your post.

Quick Tips

  • Article Length: 250-600 words
  • Use the following reading estimator to gauge the length, character or word count.

    Categories include; conscious leadership, self awareness, emotional intelligence, effective communication, decision-making, change management, positive psychology, mindfulness, professional development, coaching, and more.

    Does your article:

  • Help the reader learn something for their work or professional life?
  • Provide interesting, relevant career or leadership information?
  • Inform on a current issue or resource they may benefit from?
  • Offer a “how to” guide for navigating a common, yet complex, situation?

    Republication: We cannot allow you to republish your guest post to your own blog, LinkedIn, Medium, or any other online platform afterward and all content must be original content, not to have appeared on any other website previously.