Community Support

Community Support


These are unsettling times for the entire world. Assuredly, there is still a long, slow path ahead before we find full relief from the extent of pandemic disruption.

As we struggle to find ways to process and adapt to this new reality, we must also recognize how essential it is to use this time to reflect, grow and contribute what assistance we can to our communities.

We at Innerplicity understand that you and your livelihoods are being impacted, and we feel called to offer our skill sets, within a framework that we know best – transformative online community engagement and education. 


Assisting Communities Worldwide

As part of our effort to help during this unsettling time, we are offering both full and partial scholarships for our online personal and professional development programs. We are also providing companies and organizations support for their teams as they setup virtual community events.

If you are experiencing hardship and one of our courses or services could help in some way, we ask that you fill out our scholarship application form. This is an offer of compassion from Innerplicity, not a sale. Our focus is to help businesses and individuals who are struggling to move forward during these turbulent times.

We will review every request carefully and use discretion in identifying and accepting the submissions of those who are affected by this crisis.

We are all in this together, and we ask that those who can afford to pay to please refrain from applying for a free scholarship. Instead, please forward this offer to someone who may need a helping hand.

To apply for a scholarship, please use the button below to send in your application. Once we have processed your request, we will contact you with further information on how to proceed with your course enrollment.



Your health and wellbeing are of the utmost importance to us and, with that in mind, we encourage you to practice social distancing and work from home.

While we persevere in facing this unique challenge, let us keep in our thoughts all the health care professionals and essential workers who continue to risk their health and safety for us.

As we all pull together while remaining physically apart, let us remember that our distancing unites us.



Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts: Community Spotlight

Welcome and thank you for your openness in participating as an expert in our private online community! We are honored to have you share your knowledge and support those who are reaching out. We invite you to submit your 30 second recording for the community page. Follow the instructions posted below.

Please review the following as a guideline to recording your video tile that will be framed in our new community welcome page.


Hi, I’m ___________, (example: Christina Souza Ma, co-founder of Interplicity)
I’m so happy to be part of this community and hope that my knowledge can support you.

I have a background in _________________
My area of expertise is _________________




For the past ____ years I have been coaching _______ (leaders, communities, etc) in the area/subject of _______________ .

What is your #1 question regarding. . . .


    • creating balance during this pandemic
    • how to deal with fears
    • how do I keep working and employed during this pandemic?

    We welcome your question by recording it here as an audio or video, or typing it out and I’ll be sure to answer it in the community.

Scholarship Application

Complete Your Application Below

Thank you for your interest in our scholarship program for InnerProfessional online courses. We are offering a number of scholarships to individuals with limited means to assist in making a difference in their lives and the lives of others. Please read our full community support blog post for further details.