Ask the Experts: Community Spotlight

Welcome and thank you for your openness in participating as an expert in our private online community! We are honored to have you share your knowledge and support those who are reaching out. We invite you to submit your 30 second recording for the community page. Follow the instructions posted below.

Please review the following as a guideline to recording your video tile that will be framed in our new community welcome page.


Hi, I’m ___________, (example: Christina Souza Ma, co-founder of Interplicity)
I’m so happy to be part of this community and hope that my knowledge can support you.

I have a background in _________________
My area of expertise is _________________




For the past ____ years I have been coaching _______ (leaders, communities, etc) in the area/subject of _______________ .

What is your #1 question regarding. . . .


    • creating balance during this pandemic
    • how to deal with fears
    • how do I keep working and employed during this pandemic?

    We welcome your question by recording it here as an audio or video, or typing it out and I’ll be sure to answer it in the community.