Leading Through Uncertainty

Roberta A. LaPorte

Roberta A. LaPorte

Leadership Trainer

Starting Soon

Welcome to Leading Through Uncertainty and thank you for joining us. On behalf of myself and our entire team, we look forward to getting to know you on this journey of engagement and learning online.

If you are new to online learning, we suggest you block out course participation time on your calendar prior to starting the course. We have found that it works well to set aside a dedicated time slot to focus on the material. Committing to that time will reap big benefits in your course experience.

Where to Start

March 28, 2022

Pre-Course Preparation

Here is what you can do now to prepare.

➤ Check Announcements. Watch your email for updates from the faculty as we near the start date.

➤ Sync Your Calendar:

  • Save the dates and times of the live calls in your calendar (1 hour each)
  • Set aside weekly time to engage with the program (roughly 1 – 1.5 hours per week; you might consider breaking this into two time slots)

➤ The online classroom will open a few days before the course start date to allow you to get oriented with the eLearning system

Live Sessions

Mar. 23, 2022 30 min. Kickoff Call

Apr. 6, 2022

Apr. 20, 2022

Call begins 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

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