The Introduction to Wholebeing Happiness is a self-directed 5-week online course, giving you the science and skills to aim towards your highest and best.

Students are introduced to key principles from the diverse sciences of optimal human functioning, including positive psychology, neurobiology, and the social and behavioral sciences. The research is integrated through the SPIRE model of well-being. Students are introduced to the concept of aiming towards an ideal self, the advantages of a positive focus, the five perspectives of well-being, how to engage character strengths and appreciation, and using evidence-based tools to make lasting change.


What to Expect

In the weekly video lessons and homework, you’ll get stories, science, and personal examples, plus worksheets and exercises so you can apply what you’re learning. You’ll have time to reflect, to inquire within through writing and journaling with the aid of prompts—going deeper into what each aspect of wholebeing happiness means to you personally or professionally.

Who This Is For

This course is for those who are seeking to define, understand, and move towards their ideal self personally and/or professionally. From day one, you get actionable, down-to-earth video lessons that help you aim higher—for more happiness, resilience, joy, and connection that you can apply in your own life and in your work as a coach, consultant, therapist, or any other role you play in life.

Course Flow

In the weekly video lessons and homework, you’ll get stories, science, and personal examples, plus worksheets and exercises so you can apply what you’re learning. You’ll have time to reflect, to inquire within through writing and journaling with the aid of prompts—going deeper into what each aspect of wholebeing happiness means to you personally or professionally.

Your typical week will following a flow as follows:

  • Video lecture
  • Exercise to apply what you’ve learned
  • Video lecture
  • Exercise to apply what you’ve learned

The course is designed so that you not only take in information, you also use it as a catalyst for transformation.

Lesson Overview

You’ll have two lessons each week. Here’s the overview of each lesson:

➤ In Lesson 1, you’ll learn about the happiness set point—our habitual way of falling back into our comfortable emotional level, and how we can lift that happiness level over time through our choices and actions. What we say yes to is important. You’ll also begin to see, understand, and make sense of the many different, sometimes conflicting voices or selves within us. You’ll play with the notion of aiming towards your “ideal self,” the aspirational vision you hold for yourself.

Lesson 2 is all about the five perspectives of well-being, and how to paint your masterpiece of life using all five. You’ll also learn how to learn—the practice we use to make sure lessons are not just superficially understood, but deeply taken in.

Lesson 3 is usually a game-changer for students. You’ll learn about putting your strengths front and center. And, in case you don’t know your own strengths, we’ll give you a tool for identifying what enlivens and energizes you—your personal power.

Lesson 4 helps you understand why positive emotions matter, and how our view of the world is shaped by the emotional lens we’re looking through.

Lesson 5 covers the importance of paying attention, and how that focus can help build meaning and purpose in life.

Lesson 6 is all about relationships. You’ll learn about the power of appreciation, of noticing what is working well in your connections with the people who are most important to you.

Lesson 7 and 8 are about the physical body—how to take care of it and how to align body and mind.

Lesson 9 is about fostering and following curiosity, using an open, engaged mind to stay connected to learning and growth.

Lesson 10 weaves it all together as you create a plan for a 30-Day Practice that serves you after the course is over.

This course is about lasting change and continual movement in a positive direction —and a quicker recovery if you get off track (and we all do!).

For more details, please view the full course syllabus here.


Megan McDonough

is the CEO and co-founder of Wholebeing Institute. She is the lead faculty in the course, responsible for your weekly video lessons. As a CEO, teacher, and mom, Megan uses divergent thinking and creative perspectives to lead, harnessing the best in people for the greatest good. She is the award-winning author of three books on mindfulness, and has been teaching well-being for more than two decades.


Karen Whelan-Berry

Karen Whelan-Berry, PhD, is passionate about facilitating positive and effective change for individuals, teams, and organizations. Karen is the course manager, responsible for connection and engagement. She’s also part of the research team studying the course outcomes, and works on instructional design, improving the curriculum flow and planning out new courses at Wholebeing Institute. Karen is a scholar/practitioner in Springfield College’s MBA program.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to online learning, how does this process work?

Your course material is housed in the virtual classroom, a password-protected area where students watch the videos, connect on the forum, and get information on all course-related material.

Will I have access to the course after it has ended?

Yes, you will have eight weeks following the course completion date to review all content, take notes, engage with your classmates in the forum, and download handouts and audio files that you may have missed.

What if I’m new to online learning?

Our helpdesk team will be here to help walk you through the classroom and assist you with any technical questions you may have. You will be comfortable with the classroom in no time.

I have a busy schedule, what if I fall behind?

This course has been crafted with active schedules in mind. The self-led portion is available at your own pace and time schedule. Once any individual course module has been opened, it is available throughout the course for you to review, catch up or just revisit at any time.

How much time does the course take each week?

We estimate that it takes approximately one and a half hours a week to participate fully in the course.

Will I have direct access to the faculty?

Yes. At three intervals during the course, there is a live conference call and you are invited to participate in the Q&A/discussion period. Additionally, the faculty will participate in forum and chat conversations with you and your fellow participants.

Will I have interaction opportunities with fellow participants?

Yes. Course participants are encouraged to comment on each other’s postings in an online forum, and it’s recommended to practice the methods taught with study partners. Online messaging tools enable private and group communications between faculty and participants.

Can I earn Continuing Education Units?

This course does not offer a continuing education credit option.

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