This is a course for those searching for purpose and peace within the busy-ness of modern life. Planet Dharma’s Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat distill a potent practice into four core paths that you can apply to your home, work and relationships.

Within each module, Doug and Catherine outline practical approaches to achieving spiritual awakening in this lifetime. Each unit explores a unique approach and provides multiple exercises that participants can use to experience a taste of being on the path.

With an ultimate goal of transcendence, this program gives practitioners greater insight into expanded freedom, clarity and joy. For the benefit of all beings.

What to Expect

If you feel there are deeper insights to be gained and applied to your experience of the world, if the idea of finding your path to spiritual awakening appeals to you, and if you are open to a completely modern translation and integration of ancient wisdom principles, then this course is for you.

Doug and Catherine work with students using multiple approaches, including meditation, study and integrating the shadow. This course introduces these approaches, providing participants a taste of each integrated with student stories and accessible exercises.

With more than 60 years of combined dedicated study and practice on the path of awakening, course teachers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat are Dharma teachers in the Namgyal Rinpoche lineage.

Program Details

Through this course, you will:

  • Understand what is meant by ‘spiritual awakening’
  • Learn about 4 proven approaches (or paths) that work and which one(s) might be a fit for you

  • Have a chance to try various exercises to experience a taste of the different paths discussed
  • Learn various ways to extend the material that resonates with you

Achariya Doug Duncan & Catherine Pawasarat

Achariya Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat are passionately committed to support beings who aspire to spiritual awakening in this lifetime, and to leveraging the power of awakening to benefit all beings. They believe that what’s needed in our modern, Western culture are spiritual awakening practices that embrace both who we are and the modern culture in which we live.

Achariya Doug Duncan has been teaching the Buddhist path to awakening for over three decades. Known for his direct and compassionate engagement with students, Doug embraces the full spectrum of the various traditions he employs in order to mentor beings to a more awakened state.

Since the early 2000s Catherine Pawasarat has provided dharma training and taught the path of awakening to hundreds of students, together with Doug and on her own. In addition to Buddhist philosophy and its applications to daily life, Catherine also draws on generative living (a.k.a. sustainability) and the arts.

Doug and Catherine are lineage holders in the Namgyal tradition and co-founders of both Clear Sky Retreat Center in the BC Rockies and Planet Dharma. Having lived overseas for many years and traveled extensively, Doug and Catherine draw on intercultural and trans-cultural experience to broaden the range and depth of their understandings of liberation that they share with others.

When does this course start?

This is a self-study course. You can start at any time you like and you will have access to move freely through the materials at your own convenience.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have access to the videos and course material for one full year from the date of enrolment.

How does online learning work?

In this program, we open the entire curriculum to you immediately upon your registration. You can proceed with the course material at your own pace, whatever works best for your schedule. Once a module opens it is available 24/7 for the duration of the course so you can access the content as often as you like.

We’re here to support your journey and our team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to help you feel fully comfortable with the experience.

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What’s Included

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